The Sixth International Congress and Exhibition on Forests

BIOSFERA-The Brazilian Institute for the Environment,
cordially invites you to participate in the
forthcoming event of FOREST 2000 - The Sixth
International Congress and Exhibition on Forests. This
special event will be held from 23-26 of October 2000
in Porto Seguro Convention Center, Porto Seguro,
Bahia, Brazil.

Please visit our home page and or send
us a blank e-mail to
requesting information on FOREST 2000.

FOREST 2000 is perhaps one of the most important
forums about forests to be held in the Americas in the
year 2000. We are expecting over 2,000 participants,
including delegations from over forty countries
worldwide, who will be discussing the issues about
forests and the environment in Brazil and around the
world focusing on technical, scientific, political,
economic, social and cultural aspects, with special
attention to the matters of protection and
conservation of the Amazon rainforest.

Thank you for you co-operation and we look forward to
meeting you in Brazil for the occasion of FOREST 2000.

Francis Dubč Ing.f. MSc
Canada Representative of Biosfera

Prof. Dorival C. Bruni
Chairman of FOREST 2000